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A natural, renewable, and sustainable fiber.
An excellent solution to reduce pollution, and save energy and water resources.

100% GRS certified recycled cotton. The Global Recycle Standard (GRS) certification is the most important voluntary international standard for recycled fabrics. Certifies the supply chain of clothing waste from the binding which is processed in various phases up to the production of the regenerated natural yarn from which the finished product is woven

Cotton has always been one of the most chosen fabrics for making clothes, linens of all kinds, upholstery and much more. Recycled cotton, in addition to its multiple uses, is preferable for its green qualities as it is able to give new life to many products, saving them from landfills, helping to extend the life of the fibers and reduce the environmental impact of textile production.

To give an idea of ​​the peculiarities of regenerated natural fibers, with approximately 20,000 tons (approximate calculation) compared to the equivalent in virgin fibre, a saving of:

  • 60 million kilowatts of energy

  • 500,000 cubic meters of water

  • 650 tons of chemical auxiliaries

  • 300 tons of dye dyes

  • 18,000 tons of carbon dioxide

Recycled Cotton

Recycled cotton:

Eco-Friendly spirit.

The ability to create from what is normally considered waste is an art. Recycled cotton is not just a recovery but a real resource that has been given a second chance to bring a fabric back to life by making it even more valuable and accentuating the beauty that will then be reflected in a new project.