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Always on the move, constantly traveling exploring new horizons and new vistas. Discovering open spaces.

The Outdoor fabric collection comes from a careful search for yarns with very high technical and qualitative properties, pleasant to the touch and with a modern design. Experience the same emotions experienced with indoor textile furniture but with outdoor performance. Replicate your living room in your own garden to enjoy moments of relaxation in the open air, admiring marvelous panoramas, accompanied by comfortable and comfortable fabrics to the touch to relax body and mind.

Outdoor but also indoor furniture, seats, upholstered furniture, accessories, curtains, upholstery for private homes, hotels, restaurants, offices and the entire contract world. The pleasure of being outdoors and enjoying relaxing atmospheres, with a fresh, soft and dry touch that refers to everyday functionality and comfort without sacrificing aesthetics.

Our outdoor fabrics are designed to be high-performance and resistant to mould, moths and bacteria, thanks to their hypoallergenic and anti-odour properties, very high resistance to degradation from exposure to sunlight and bad weather. Discover these textile proposals.

Discover Outdoor

"Discover Outdoors"

Endless open spaces.

Vast stretches of sand with surreal surroundings kissed by a shy autumn sun, a tranquil retreat, the perfect escape from the hectic daily routine. Exploring the power of nature, an unforgettable return to basics. Scents of nature waft gently through endless valleys. The rhythm of the universe propagates in a synergy of earth and sky, a mystical union, a hint of heaven. Discover these and other endless open spaces with our collection of dedicated outdoor fabrics.

Video serie

"Fabric Tales"

video series by Trilogy Textile.

We wanted to describe our outdoor collection through four short fabric tales, four episodes, and four journeys of discovery of endless open spaces: sandy expanses, boundless terrain, quiet lagoons, and endless valleys. "Discover Outdoors" is a collection story that intimately intertwines with the land around us, interprets and narrates it by dressing it in soft textures inherently woven and gathered in the landscape.