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His Majesty,

the Bouclè.

Curly, sophisticated, divine.
Symbol of elegance and contemporary design.

Luxurious and elegant, sophisticated and with a typically Parisian style, the bouclé weaves the twisted threads in three strands creating a curl effect. From this particular "movement" of the yarn, this natural woven fabric inherits the name of Bouclé, from the French bouclé, "curled".

The Bouclé is definitely a symbol of contemporary design. Ideal for glam and minimal-chic atmospheres, the fabric gracefully embellishes the upholstery of sofas, chairs and armchairs, dominating the scene with infinite royalty and class. Thanks to its composition of 60% natural yarns, of which 32% fine wool, the bouclé fabric is the perfect finish if you want to add a warm, reassuring and timeless look to your environment and decor.

Typically "curled" weave in which the threads of a particular wool made in plain weave are intertwined, with plain or yarn-dyed curls, which outline multiple lines and delicate patterns. Through the peculiar doubling in two different tensions, the threads alternate giving life to a series of wavy loops that give body to the typically gathered character of the fabric and contribute to determining its refined design.

Bouclè collection

"Bouclè Collection"

Timeless elegance.

Elegant and sophisticated, but also curled and rough textured. A symbol of style in the world of women's fashion and class in interior design, while remaining a very ductile and versatile natural fabric, ideal for multifaceted combinations. Find out how we decided to narrate it, casually enhancing its exquisite sophistication.