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Just the best textile.

High-quality fabrics of Italian design.

Trilogy textile

A textile company


Trilogy Textile is an Italian brand of fine design and high-quality furniture fabrics. Our textile collections are born from deep technical and stylistic research to offer you valuable products with an authentic and creative style. Thanks to our ability to identify the latest market trends, our well-established experience, and our strong passion, we know how to create a product whose texture is well harmonized.

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Trilogy Textile

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conscious choices

For years we have been committed to offering our customers textile products with fine yarns but above all natural fabrics certified respecting not only the health of each user but also the environment.

To help make textile production increasingly sustainable, we offer recycled fabrics - Global Recycle Standard (GRS)-certified remanufactured and recyclable. These are. recycled natural fibers recovered from supply chain waste to combat waste and reduce environmental impact.

We share the ethical principles of a socially responsible textile company. To help make the textile industry increasingly sustainable, we support and promote raw materials with green certifications.

Trilogy Textile Lab

Our staff puts their Know-how at your disposal to study and research textile materials, the most innovative treatments, and ennoblements for your projects.

Commercial Experience

With qualified professional training, our sales network will keep you up to date with our latest products by carefully explaining features and technical data.

Staff Availability

Our team is always available to provide you with all the necessary information on materials, availability, and delivery time. Please feel free to contact us.

2024 events

Cernobbio 2024

Where touch and sight come together

Explore a world of fabrics and collections that have never been presented before.


"Discover Outdoors"

Endless open spaces.

Always on the move, on a constant journey, exploring new horizons and new vistas: Discover Outdoors.


"Bouclé Collection"

Timeless elegance.

Bouclé is the new trend par excellence. One of the woolen fabrics symbolic of feminine and sophisticated style, a fashion staple that has also convinced the world of interior design. A divine pairing that makes us wish everything was covered in the wonderfully inviting curled textures offered by Bouclé fabric.

Recycled cotton

"Recycled Cotton"

Natural & Green.

Recovering waste clothing generated along the supply chain or from unsold collections is a responsibility we must pursue to reduce pollution and deforestation by producing recycled fabrics and textiles in a sustainable way to conserve the resources of the world in which we all live. For this, Trilogy Textile chooses and promotes GRS recycled cotton fabrics.